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Aterlo Networks Announces Preseem API integration with Billmax for WISPs

This integration enables Preseem’s Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) customers to automatically extract subscriber information & network topology from the Billmax ISP billing platform and get real-time actionable QoE insights.

WATERLOO, ON – Aterlo Networks, a networking solutions provider from Waterloo, Ontario announced that Preseem, its network telemetry platform for Wireless Internet Service Providers is now integrated with Billmax, a popular ISP billing software. This is in line with Aterlo’s vision to integrate with all leading ISP billing platforms in the fixed wireless industry making actionable Quality of Experience (QoE) insights easily accessible to WISP customers.

Built for ISPs by an ISP, Billmax is a trusted billing and customer care solution developed by the iSpark group and used by many companies around the world for efficient and streamlined business operations. Billmax just announced its latest version, BillMax 2017, Q4, and this API integration with Preseem allows WISP customers to get detailed QoE information without the need to duplicate any subscriber configuration. With granular QoE data at a near real-time rate, network managers can further use Preseem’s built-in optimization tools to deliver the best quality of experience to their subscribers.

“We’re excited to launch this API integration with Billmax as this allows us to encourage a large number of WISPs using their billing system to easily deploy Preseem for QoE monitoring and succeed in the marketplace,” said Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO, Aterlo Networks. “I’d like to thank Joe Falaschi from E-vergent, a Wisconsin-based WISP and Billmax user for his support in making this integration possible,” he added. Ellen Slezak from Billmax said, “We are pleased to announce this integration in our goal to support our clients with the tools that they need to provide a quality experience for their end customers.”

Already deployed at E-vergent, more and more WISPs are expected to utilize this integration in their quest to makes network more efficient, effective and profitable. The fixed wireless broadband market in the US is expected to nearly double in the next five years and see greater competition from established players like AT&T and Verizon. In order to protect their turf, WISPs will have to leverage technological innovations like Preseem and deliver the best possible quality of experience to their subscribers.

In addition to the company’s API partnership with Billmax, Preseem is currently being used by a growing number of WISPs to monitor & optimize their subscriber’s quality of experience, reduce subscriber churn, reduce network costs and improve profitability. Compatible with off-the-shelf-hardware, the Preseem solution has affordable monthly plans starting at $100 supported by 30-day free trial.

Aterlo Networks builds innovative networking solutions for internet service providers, network managers, and streaming video users. Aterlo’s network telemetry platform, Preseem, helps WISPs to monitor & optimize subscriber’s quality of experience, lower network & support costs and improve profitability. Visit for more info.

Billmax Billing Solutions has provided software technologies and consulting services for two decades for successful internet service providers. BillMax 2017 offers a solid financial engine with many built-in tools to implement a consistent and easy to administer workflow throughout a customer’s lifecycle. Visit for more info.

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